Pitchfork Festival :: Cherry Glazerr, Mitski, Angel Olsen & Jamila Woods

Do you like crowds? I've never been a fan - both from a lack of patience & a distaste for getting stuck somewhere. While it definitely fills up at the end of the day, Pitchfork Festival is super navigable and laid back. Sure you can push up front, dip into the festival crowd - but thanks to A+ sound and the layout of Union Park you can pick your adventure & hang back if you choose. 

Besides the size, the lineup's solid every year (we're talking bucket list artists) and there typically aren't many conflicts. Plus I'm a sucker for a smaller (relatively speaking) festival set up in a metropolitan area. Being able to hit up an art museum or grade-A grub before music starts? 100% up my alley. 

This was my third year going - and first taking photos. We had four artists playing: Cherry Glazerr, Mitski, Angel Olsen & Jamila Woods. Some of my favorite photos from the weekend are below!