Mitski :: Be The Cowboy

Mitski’s fifth full-length album, Be The Cowboy, was released on August 17, 2018. I personally collaborated with the artist and project team in planning the album teasers (below) and social rollout as well as the overall social campaign.

One of the most exciting and prominent features of this campaign was the integration of a Twitter Hashtag Emoji. I conceived and aided the execution of Mitski’s emoji (below). On release day, #BeTheCowboy was trending. Alongside thousands of posts from fans, branded partners such as Twitter Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Vinyl, Me Please and television shows including The Daily Show as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live! utilized the hashtag emoji. (*Note: Twitter Hashtag Emojis are limited marketing events and as such the emoji no longer populates when using the hashtag.)

Below you’ll find promotional images I created for use on Dead Oceans’ and Mitski’s to promote the release.